Create the most beautiful media walls in the world.

M|R Walls unique, non-repetitive, nature inspired designs are the perfect partner to take your media wall to the next level, with unique texture and sophistication. 

"Our whole business is built around bringing high-end design options to everyone, both in terms of cost and implementation."

Mario Romana, Creator of M|R Walls

Made to measure

Whatever your space, our design engineers can makes M|R Walls to measure. Whether integrating a fire or TV, we will design the space to fit and this goes for your chosen pattern too...

Texture is the new aesthetic

With numerous nature inspired, non-repetitive patterns, as well as Corian colours, the possibilities for your design are endless. 

What's more, our team can create somethings completely bespoke and unique to your space. 

Simplified Installation

Mario's revolutionary CNC technology and unique puzzle piece assembly, gives designers the flexibility in scale and simplicity in installation. Pieced together, seamlessly, like a giant puzzle, is the key to how Mario achieves his stunning, non-repetitive, designs on any scale. This method not only expands the possibilities of design but makes installation less arduous and expensive.

Your journey starts here

This desirable, premium product has the potential to generate serious revenue from floor and wall space in your independent fireplace showroom, without needing to remove a single fireplace display.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your showroom or client requirements and get a FREE sample to get your started on your journey to creating the most beautiful fireplaces in the world.

Illuminating the possibilities

Add the Wow factor to your surface with back illumination, which beautifully emphasises the texture and intricacies of the pattern, transforming it into a work of light art.

Our lighting specialist can advise you on the perfect solution for your chosen design. Options include, backlighting, downlighting and intelligent lighting complete with controller and dimmer options. Whatever your choice, our design team will factor this into both your design and installation.

Wanting to showcase the beauty of the M|R Walls media wall we decided to create one in our Yorkshire factory showroom.

Starting from a blank flat wall, it allowed us to highlight the simplicity of this product, as well as backlighting and downlighting options too.

Watch this step by step video for the process we went through.

Our media wall journey