As a signage and lighting specialist, Applelec are best placed to find the perfect lighting solution for your parametric wall. We can provide illumination in a choice of colours from full RGBW (mix of red, green, blue and white), as well as a range of white colour temperatures. Our experienced team will focus on finding the right solution for your pattern and application. 

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Accentuate your chosen pattern with our range of backlighting options.  

Surface Lighting.

If backlighting is not right for your space, you could always consider up or down lighting to display your M|R Wall in its best light!

Lighting Illusions.

Surfaces can be created to have a part translucent pattern. This then can be back illuminated to provide a geometric design illusion that makes the flat surface appear to be 3 dimensional!

Smart Lighting.

Our range of lighting can be controlled by remote RF controllers or via a smart app, to really bring your chosen pattern to life!

Illuminating the possibilities.

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