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Want to see M|R Walls for yourself?

We have a variety of samples that we can offer. Our standard sample is 15cm x 15cm in the Reeds pattern. This is a great pattern to see in a small sample as you can get an essence of the pattern but it also illuminates well. If you are interested in illumination we can also send a sample of Applelec's LED Light Sheet, to give you an idea of how backlighting solutions work with the product too. 

Reeds Puzzle.

If you are eager to see how the puzzle piece assembly works then we can also provide, on request, a 30cm x 30cm Reeds puzzle. This comes in three pieces so that you can see how the pieces fit together. Sample available on  request.


Alternatively if you have a specific project or request, or specifically need to see another of the standard patterns, then please get in touch and let us know.

Natural Face Lotion
Broad Spectrum SPF 50



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Please note we are the exclusive UK & Ireland supplier of M|R Walls.

For international enquiries please see the M|R Walls partners page . 

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